Mental Model Learning Journeys

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With half a million words on the site, I know the question “where should I start?” might feel a little overwhelming.

With the site just launched, I’ve created three “learning journeys” that might make that easier for you, addressing common topics that many readers might want to explore.

Over time, I will add more learning journeys by mixing and matching the content in helpful, thematic ways.  For example, I’m working on one about “disruption.”  Readers are welcome to send me feedback (via email) on specific themes they would like to see addressed by a learning journey.

80 / 20 Mental Models

17 books.  17 weeks.  Get 80% of the way to where I am after 5 years and 10,000 hours of learning mental models.


Decision Distortion

6 books.  1 month.  Become 3x more effective at fighting cognition-distorting biases.


Stress Buster

Want to be less stressed and happier?  Check this out.