Don’t Hire Me As Your CMO…

There are a number of things I am good at, such as: playing with dogs!  Writing research reports!  Making risotto!

Unfortunately, it turns out those skills do not translate to, uh, basic internet marketing 101, and a thing that I am *not* good at is running an automated, RSS-driven email distribution list.  I was informed by multiple readers and friends that they weren’t getting notification emails on new posts… and lo and behold, MailChimp apparently had never actually sent out a campaign since I started the website in January.  (Oops.)

I guess the moral of the story is: don’t hire me as your CMO.  And also, going forward, you *should* get a weekly email on Thursday afternoons (Central Time) if there are any new posts.  (You won’t get an email if there aren’t any new posts.)