[$25 prize] Recommendation Request: Six-Star Books

Hey y’all: as part of a project I’m working on, I’d like some recommendations: what books have you read, either recently or in the course of your life, that would deserve six stars on a standard 1 – 5 star rating scale?  i.e. books that weren’t just good or great, but truly life-changing, and had a lasting impact on how you viewed the world.  $25 Amazon gift certificate and public credit to whoever’s recommendation(s) I like the most.  Contest open to the general public, but to win the certificate, you do have to be on my mailing list as of 9/1/2017.  (#incentives)

Please don’t send names of commonly-cited investing books (i.e. Poor Charlie’s Almanack or The Most Important Thing or so on), because I’ve already read all of those.  Please also nothing political or in the field of traditional economics (behavioral econ is allowed though) – it needs to be stuff that’s directly applicable to decision-making in work and life.

I’m looking more for books that make (or break) paradigms in other fields – stuff like Misbehaving by Richard Thaler or The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman – or anything else that has a near-infinity return-on-time-invested.  My general criteria is utility (i.e. some function of enjoyment and learning) divided by time invested, contextualized by opportunity cost, i.e. differentiation from the category (for example, it’s hard to merit “truly life-changing” status in the category of entrepreneur/business biographies, since there are so many of them that are really good.)

In the spirit of the books needing to be truly exceptional, please cite no more than three… runners-up / honorable mentions are welcome and encouraged, but not prize-eligible.  Contest open through September 1st… winner will be decided sometime later in the fall (after I’ve had time to read all the recommendations!)